Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Clarins Duo That Just Works

I'm a daily uhmm-er and aahh-er when it comes to bath time. And by that I mean I never really know what to opt for when it comes to my evening soak - shower gels, bubble baths and body lotions coming out of my ears.... literally. However, recently I've been reaching for this Clarins duo on near enough a daily basis.

I'll admit, I love a good shower that leaves you all refreshed and full of zing.. but baths are definitely my fave, especially after a long day at work. A book and some bubbles and I'm all sorted.
As opposed to a bubble bath that smells like strawberries and sugar, I prefer a natural, fresh smell and Clarins have it down to a T with their Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate. Note: you can use it as a body wash when in the shower (also works a dream) but I prefer a couple of squeezes into the bath which creates hundreds.. and I mean hundreds.. of bubbles. It really is so relaxing and soothing, you can really smell the camomile which works a treat on an achy, tired body.

After my soak, I love whacking some moisture into my body, im a sucker for fake tan and it tends to leave me a bit more on the drier side, and Clarins' Satin Smooth Body Lotion works a treat. It smells good - nothing too strong but enough to linger around for a while. It doesn't have that tacky, greasy film that some body lotions tend to have either, which is always a plus. Slather on a layer of this, throw on my pjs and into bed I hop. A more pricey bath time I know, but it's definitely worth it - nothing else can compare at the moment.

After this duo, I really am a bed ready babe.